Saturday, January 22, 2011


This weather fuCking blows!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

There's Something In the Water...

Shape and movement come to mind at first glimpse of this object. There is clearly something commanding about the shape and it demonstrates a powerful but graceful beauty. I cannot help but to think of some form of head dress when I see the shell form certain points of view, however the shell also makes a statement with color and texture.

The grey-greens for me create the energy of everything that is living, but also everything that is uncharted and secluded. This is an element that transcends current society and the way fashion is commonly viewed. Its organic and completely formed by natural events that are under no control of any designer, editor, photographer, or stylist. Something so simple as color can ignite many different thoughts but in this case its not just the color but what it resides on.

Skilled craftsmen create beautiful fashion and other stylish belongings however there's gotta be some sort of energy, or should I say motive behind what is being crafted. Commonly it starts with inspiration then off to the drawing boards. Teams assemble and beautiful visions are brought to life, and in this case the inspiration comes form a certain craftsmanship that cannot be found in any atelier or studio, but within the world itself. A unique balance of line weight fused with three-dimensional qualities allow this object to speak volumes of drama and character. The texture and shape of the object has a story of its own to tell.

For me this is really where most of the inspiration is originating form. Development of other sources have come into play quite significantly however I have yet to construct a strong inspiration board.

This project is what it is, I've been able to make the decision that I need to rethink the way I go about seeking inspiration, and certainly the way I go about development of a piece.

I hope to have some sketches and other photos uploaded soon, but this project is a major one and I plan to invest a significant amount of time and energy into the concept, vision, and most importantly the execution.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Let's Talk About This For a Minute...

Right off the bat the eye-wear is an attention grabber and then my view went directly to the wonderful cigarette trouser that is cut to perfection(which I tried on today and they are honestly the best trouser I've ever worn) and has a silhouette that commands attention in ever environment. 
Alexander Wang's' capability to create such a beautiful harmony between everyday and luxury styles is something to speak about.

I got to check out some Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2010 pieces today and I will personally say that his designs are some of the most chic and refined pieces in stores today. My good friend and I went down to Jinny boutique( today to spend some remaining Christmas money and boy did we. After a fun time playing dress up with Kimi in the store we had come to the conclusion that the cigarette trouser and a skillfully draped sweater from Wang's 2010 F/W collection were leaving the store with us. 

Then on top of the wonderful Alexander Wang pieces, Brooke was able to find a GREAT Phillip Lim top that will go flawlessly with the trouser. So overall a great start to the new year, and the best part about the whole thing is that the trousers fit me too!!! 

Happy New Year Everyone   

It's All About Taste...

           I cannot describe the feeling and magic that comes from a catwalk show where the most elite of models glide down the runway, bringing to life a vision that was created under passionate minds and hands. However, I can describe the feeling that comes from walking into your favorite downtown boutique and trying on all the latest fashions...LOL!!! 

           Sometimes when I'm browsing the racks in one of my favorite boutiques (ehemmmm like Jinny Boutique!!!)I get a little smile on my face and people ask me whats so funny. I can only answer so truthfully to tell them that you know that feeling you get when you find out something wonderful just happened in the world, or something happens to you that makes a smile last awhile, thats how I feel when I get those blessed opportunity's to lay my hands on beautifully crafted clothing. I feel the intention behind the garment, how it transforms the individual into something spectacular, and whats even more exciting is watching the lasting smiles on the faces of the individuals who purchase the works of art. 

            Fashion captivates me, it can transport me into this state of mind that is so focused and so dedicated to the creation of a fashion. At the end of the day I understand that you need to sell to stay fed, however the next morning I'm ready to do it all again for free.