Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's All About Taste...

           I cannot describe the feeling and magic that comes from a catwalk show where the most elite of models glide down the runway, bringing to life a vision that was created under passionate minds and hands. However, I can describe the feeling that comes from walking into your favorite downtown boutique and trying on all the latest fashions...LOL!!! 

           Sometimes when I'm browsing the racks in one of my favorite boutiques (ehemmmm like Jinny Boutique!!!)I get a little smile on my face and people ask me whats so funny. I can only answer so truthfully to tell them that you know that feeling you get when you find out something wonderful just happened in the world, or something happens to you that makes a smile last awhile, thats how I feel when I get those blessed opportunity's to lay my hands on beautifully crafted clothing. I feel the intention behind the garment, how it transforms the individual into something spectacular, and whats even more exciting is watching the lasting smiles on the faces of the individuals who purchase the works of art. 

            Fashion captivates me, it can transport me into this state of mind that is so focused and so dedicated to the creation of a fashion. At the end of the day I understand that you need to sell to stay fed, however the next morning I'm ready to do it all again for free.  

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