Sunday, January 2, 2011

Let's Talk About This For a Minute...

Right off the bat the eye-wear is an attention grabber and then my view went directly to the wonderful cigarette trouser that is cut to perfection(which I tried on today and they are honestly the best trouser I've ever worn) and has a silhouette that commands attention in ever environment. 
Alexander Wang's' capability to create such a beautiful harmony between everyday and luxury styles is something to speak about.

I got to check out some Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2010 pieces today and I will personally say that his designs are some of the most chic and refined pieces in stores today. My good friend and I went down to Jinny boutique( today to spend some remaining Christmas money and boy did we. After a fun time playing dress up with Kimi in the store we had come to the conclusion that the cigarette trouser and a skillfully draped sweater from Wang's 2010 F/W collection were leaving the store with us. 

Then on top of the wonderful Alexander Wang pieces, Brooke was able to find a GREAT Phillip Lim top that will go flawlessly with the trouser. So overall a great start to the new year, and the best part about the whole thing is that the trousers fit me too!!! 

Happy New Year Everyone   

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